EMBELLIR | TREES: How Do They Heal Us?

A tree is a botanical, usually growing vertical, with leaves and/or fruit, and deep roots.  Trees are used to make lumber and paper.  We know that vegetations serve to prevent soil erosion, provide shade, provide food, and trees remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store large quantities of carbon in their tissues.  Trees have always been, since the creation.  There are trees living today that are thousands of years old.  The Methuselah tree located in Eastern California is 4,849 years old.  Still, some enterprising person decided to count the trees and came to the conclusion that there are some 3.4 million trees on the planet.  Well, who knows.  We do know that there are a lot of trees and that trees are essential to our good health.

Just taking a walk in the woods is very beneficial to our health.  Trees stand majestically purifying the air, providing oxygen, and emitting a spiritual presence that heals us.  Some plant therapists have noticed that trees have the ability to absorb negativity energy and ground it because of they are deeply rooted in the earth and reach upward to heavens.

The TreePeople organization lists the following as health benefits of living near trees and walking in the forest or park:

1.  Trees clean the air of  bad odors and pollutant gases while some emit a wonderful smell
2.  Trees have the ability to affect climate change by cooling the streets and sidewalks and cities
3.  Trees shield children from ultraviolet rays, reducing UV-B rays that can cause skin cancer by 50%
4.  Studies have shown that patients with views of trees out their windows heal faster and with less complications while reducing mental fatigue.
5.  Trees can reduce violence.  It has been shown that neighborhoods that are barren have a greater incidence of violence.
6.  Trees bring diverse groups of people together.  When you visit a park, there are all races, all genders, and all ages.
7.  Trees mark the seasons by budding in the spring, blossoming in the summer, sheading in the fall, and going dormant in the winter.
8.  Trees provide food, medicine, and positive energy.

Being outdoors is beneficial in itself, but the benefits increase when you visit a forest or park.  So go ahead immerse yourself in the woods.  Take a break from the hustle and bustle and admire the beauty of nature, especially the many trees that grace the landscapes.  Pray, meditate, breath, and de-stress.


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