EMBELLIR AGING | Holding Back the Hands of Time - 15 Ways

I believe it is safe to say that adding on the years is not what bothers most women; but it is the change in our bodies that can be terrifying!  What goes so drastically wrong that we wake up one day and do not recognize ourselves?!

Of course, we would not want to stop time if we could, so women must understand the "secrets" to aging "gracefully".  You definitely do not want to look older than years and preferably want to look younger than your years.  If you work at it, it is possible to keep at least 10 years at bay for the lifespan!

One of the reason that I love France is that the French allow women to grow older and will still see them a beautiful and sexy.  Check out the following article from Elle magazine.  However, in America, aging poorly is frowned upon and youth is lauded.

First, the TOP 15 of what I have noticed about women that age "badly" are these:

1.        A bad attitude/worry/negativity

2.       Overdone hair and hair color

3.       Double chin/neck

4.       Yellow or poorly kept teeth

5.       Weight gain

6.       Too much makeup or overdone makeup

7.       Too thin/not eating

8.       Succumbing to society’s attributes for a certain age group

9.       Consistently eating fast and processed foods

10.   Not having sex

11.   Not exercising

12.   Not removing makeup before sleep

13.  Smoking

14.  Too much alcohol

15.  Not hanging around children or a loss of sense of humor

These are my TOP 15, perhaps you can add some of your own.
Now that the list is done, in the next 3 blogs, I will address 5 of each of the concerns and ways to counteract them.
 is almost upon us....come on ladies let's do this...take off about 5 years.  Are you with me!